Monday, March 28, 2011

Curious George Invitations & Party Kit: DIY Printables

Available now in our etsy shop:

Here's most of the Curious George birthday party set listed :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Super Mario Brothers Party :: New Theme

Last weekend we hosted our first Super Mario Brothers birthday party for a little guy turning 5, and 14 or so of his friends.  We had a blast designing all the decor pieces and creating a custom Mario Bros Twister game!  The kids made Mario paintings on canvas, played the ORIGINAL Mario Brothers on the Nintendo, the New Mario Brothers on the Wii, decorated their own "Mario Karts," played our Twister game, and somehow found some time to dance?!?  Fun stuff :)  Here are  a few pics.

We made glittery gold question boxes and brick boxes.  Gold coins, Mario stars, and Mario Star napkin rings!
Pardon our dust! :)
 It was Craftopia as we planned the party!  Pipe parts from Home Depot (spray painted green) and large foam balls made great Mario Piranha Plants. I decided to bring the sky down to arm's reach with sky blue tablecloths and cloud place mats.  You'll see what the toad stools are for if you scroll down. 

Keep scrolling.  You're almost to the toadstools :)
How awesome is our handmade Super Mario Twister board?!?

 Planning a Mario Party?  Tell us about it!