Friday, June 11, 2010

New OUAB Meetup Group Just Formed!

Members get all supplies and admission free to the next meetup: Father's Day Craft Party, Thursday, June 17. Members also receive discounts on all events...your own private party or character visit or a public event.

The OUAB meetups will have both kid and non-kid meetups! Join in now!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sesame Street Mania!

We've been doing lots of Sesame Street parties for our little toddler clients lately and I've had a ton of fun with the crafts, cupcakes, and activities. So much fun, that I'd like to share some ideas with you. These are simple, yet fun and fab!

For starters, the little ones love crafts.So check out our monster tambourines! Very simple, we've all done plastic plate tambourines. But I like to take things a bit further, to make a perfect fit with the theme at hand.

Get plastic plates in the appropriate color, add beans or rice and staple or hotglue it shut. Hole punch the edges and add jingle bells with party streamer or just add some to the inside.

Add eyes made from either sticky foam or the jumbo plastic store-bought eyes (you'll need glue dots for these). And add a mouth (and nose if needed) made of sticky foam.

Theme possibilities are endless! Do a red, white, and blue motif for an Independence Day parade around the park!